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Emma Bäcklund, Photography Portfolio 

My tools of the trade include:

Camera: Sony Alpha 7 iii
Lenses: 24-70mm & 70-200mm 
SeaFrog Water Housing

A variety of 35mm film cameras & a Super 8 film camera

With a Diploma of Wildlife Photography of Lofoten Folkhøgskola in Norway, I am confident to back my passion with professional training. My photography has taken me to all sides of the world and all sides of photography. From water to the outdoor, but also to fashion photography. I use a mixture of equipment to create the perfect style for each scene.


Client Lifestyle Content


Client, Stir Crazy

Client: Mobicords
Location: Along The Great Ocean Road

Client, Glide Fins

Client, Achtung Camper

Client: Gomez Surfboards