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Co.founder and owner of U&I Label

The swim & surfwear brand, U&I Label first launched in 2014 by Australian Fashion Designer Jodie Hayes and myself. We have a mission to re-establish what living on the coast for women is really about... “We run, surf, play”

U&I Label is dreamt up in between sets while surfing at Bells Beach, every stitch is inspired by the power of the ocean and designed to fill the gap between the uninspiring triangle and forgotten function. 

U&I Label work to provide women with the “grown-up” answer to swim and surfwear that is missing in the Australian market. The U&I girl is an Ocean Dweller, not a Sunbaker.

My role as the Creative Director is to build the brand and the community. I have created the story about the U&I women through imagery and ambassadors. I art direct shoots in collaboration with photographers as well as shoot a lot of the content myself. I have also developed the logo, style guide, website, and all the other visual communication. 



U&I Label, Brand video

Art Directed and coordinated by myself, video shot by Willem Dirk

U&I Label, E-Commerce website 

Click on the screen to open the website


U&I Label, Brand story booklet

U&I Label, Editorial campaign imagery, 2018


Image set created in collaboration with a full production team

Talent: Courtney Nelson, Duval Agency  & Tristyn Leicia, Viviens Management

Photo & Production: Anniss+Barton

Art Direction: Emma Bäcklund

Makeup: Love Hawkeridge

Hair: Steph Meyer

Style: Milana de Mina

Video: Jesse Lane

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