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Below is a selection of my works from the five years as the Graphic Designer for Patagonia Inc. based out of the Australian head office. 

Never Town, Patagonia


During this project, I was working closely with both the Australian and American team developing the look and feel of the Never Town awareness campaign. The film is highlighting some very important issues on our local Australian coast told from surfers perspectives.
My job was to make sure that the design profile was consistent over all the different media channels including; website, newsletters, posters, social media, events and also across our own in-store as well as retail partners point of sale. 
The film has been touring all across Australia.​​

Worn Wear, Patagonia


For the Worn Wear Sydney Repair Hub, I worked on putting together the store fit-out concept. I then designed the signage and point of sale, sourced the wood signage, props and materials. 
Furthermore a booklet, repair tickets and thank you cards were designed within the same look and feel. I also developed the design for the Worn Wear landing page, and online banners to advertise for the project. 

The Reef Beneath, Patagonia

The Reef Beneath was a pure online awareness campaign where I developed the concept and finalised the design. It consisted of hero web banners, a newsletter, a blog entry and a landing page including a petition form. 

INCU Windows, Patagonia

In this project, my role was to design and source everything needed for the installation of the Re-collection campaign. I had recycled timber frames constructed and decals printed. The frames then hung in front large banners to create depth in the windows. Climbing ropes and carbines were used to tie the concept back to the climbing heritage of the Patagonia brand. In the INCU Sydney store, a mannequin was added to complete the concept.

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