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Babes On Waves

I have had the pleasure getting to know Gill and Willem, the creative duo behind the blog Babes On Waves. It was about five years ago when I met Gill at the carpark of one of the local surf breaks checking the waves. She was new to town and eager to surf and meet some new surf-friends, so we were a match from that day forward. She fit right in with the creative community of Torquay and took her own initiative to create women surf culture when she soon after launched BOW together with Willem.

The BOW portrait & interview of myself has been five years in the making, three photo shoots with Willem and two interviews with Gill, so it´s a bit of a time-capsule now seeing it published!

"Emma is a risk-taker. Here’s a few reasons why: Emma surfed for the first time in the middle of winter in Norway; she moved to Australia from Sweden by herself in her 20s; she didn’t just gasbag about ‘living simply’ but bought a yellow school bus with her boyfriend and together over three years they converted it into a tiny house; and most recently, she quit her day job at Patagonia to focus on her swimwear label she started five years ago." Read the article.

Thank you for kind words!

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