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Stop Adani, Journal from the frontline

Earlier this year I joined a small group of friends and made my way up to North Queensland, Australia to learn about the devastating threat of the proposed Adani Carmichael coal mine. We came back well informed and with a new set of Frontline Action on Coal skills.

The journey to the proposed Adani coal mine made me reflect on whether or not my actions are enough for the times we are living in? Yes, I only buy what I need, I live sustainably off the grid, yes I join local actions whenever I can, but... is this enough when global scientists warn us we are 10 years from the 'point of no return'? On the frontline, we found a committed group of people lacking hope in the current political system. They believe in peaceful civil disobedience to save us from extinction. Does it seem pretty radical to you?

🎥 Filmed & produced by Lucia Santiago & featuring the dream team Belinda Baggs, Sam Suendermann John Steven & myself.

The article History is in our hands with words by Belinda Baggs and my photography is now published on the Patagonia website. Enjoy the read.


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